Tortoise shell nets (also known as hex steel mesh) play different roles in various industries. The tortoise shell nets are made of many types of materials, and the production specifications, heights, thicknesses, and pitches are also large, each with its own characteristics and functions. Tortoise shell nets are divided into many categories. The holes are all hexagonal. There are ordinary link type, back button link type, punching screw connection type, bending and welding connection type. Each category of tortoise shell net products has a different lining function.

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Common carbon (C) steel tortoise shell net (looks like a tortoise shell) / large mud claw type has excellent fixing performance, widely used in cement (material: powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious material), steel blast furnace lining and wear resistance Refractory.

The tortoise shell net is a hexagonal three-dimensional net made of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant special metal materials, stamped and assembled by professional equipment. There are holes on the six sides to communicate with each other, and it is easy to bend and arc. After spot welding on the inner wall of the shell, it is poured with refractory aggregates. , Can increase the service life several times, and the refractory material will not peel off, and the service life is long. It is generally used for lining wear-resistant materials to enhance the anchoring ability with the lining material. Stainless steel high temperature resistant tortoise shell net/large mud claw high temperature resistant type is widely used in those parts with high wear resistance and high temperature requirements, long service life. The petrochemical tortoise shell net/big mud claw inner buckle type is mainly used in the petrochemical petroleum industry. It is used in conjunction with anchor nails, which is beneficial to the catalysis device and the main accessory of the lining structure of the main equipment. It can improve the wear resistance and strength of the lining .

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Post time: Nov-17-2021